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About Us

Our Company

Amazing-Solutions is the online shopping site of Premiere Enterprises, a California-based manufacturer and distributor of all-natural, environmentally-friendly personal health care products. We are a small, family-owned company, established nearly 19 years ago in Los Angeles. Our main offices remain in L.A. but we now have manufacturing laboratories along with support and fulfillment centers in New York, New Jersey, and Utah.

We consider ourselves to be an online “boutique.” In other words, we deliberately choose to offer a small, select line of highly effective products — rather than a huge inventory of items that vary in value.  Every one of our all-herbal formulas was developed by a physician, laboratory researcher, chemist or trained naturopath.  All the formulas have been thoroughly tested and found to deliver immediate and powerful results, time after time. And they each are sold with a 100% money back guarantee.

Our Team

Our full-time staff and independent support consultants are trained in and expected to provide a level of friendly, well-versed customer service that is often missing in contemporary business practice.  So never hesitate to contact us if you have questions, comments or problems that we can help solve.

Jerome Vozoff, Founder & CEO

Jerome started the company in 1993, determined to apply everything he’d learned from a long career in sales & marketing to his genuine love of natural health care. Over the past two decades, he’s never waivered from his “integrated” strategy—producing only botanical, chemical-free products that have solid science to substantiate their value. The same Guiding Principles that he used to establish the company nearly two decades ago continue to guide its daily operations.

Kate Vozoff, COO

Kate manages day-to-day business operations. In particular she focuses on product development and marketing. Kate is also a medical writer and natural childbirth instructor.

Liset Hurtado, Director of Operations

Liset manages daily office operations. She is responsible for the ABCs of our order fulfillment process, from data entry to warehouse shipment and customer service.

Nora Benavidez, Director of Social Media

Nora is our blogger, newsletter writer and director of social media outreach. She keeps online visitors up-to-date on natural health trends, emerging research, and important medical alerts.

A.J. Ramirez, Fulfillment Manager

AJ is the “Ship-It Man,” responsible for making sure that every order leaves the warehouse within 2 business days, if not sooner.  AJ is also a student at the University of Southern California (USC).

Michelle Hurtado, Office Assistant

Michelle offers general office support and customer service. She is also a college student, majoring in website design and technology.

Mary Johnson, Webmaster

Mary keeps our website and shopping center up and running 24/7. Mary runs her own Internet technology consulting company, Web Site Helper

Alfred Cromwell, Computer Consultant

Alfred maintains our fleet of office computers. He owns and operates his own computer consulting company, ITMan4Hire.


Our Guiding Principles

In a marketplace where it’s hard to tell what to believe and which product to buy, Amazing-Solutions offers only items that come with the following guarantees:

  1. They’ve Been Created by Experts – Doctors, research scientists and laboratory chemists have formulated most of our products. The others have been developed by nationally-respected naturopaths or aromatherapists.
  2. They Really Work – We’ve sold over two million product units to well over 90,000 customers in our two decades of operation. And we’ve received virtually no complaints.  In fact, when customers call to reorder, they often tell us that we’re the first to provide a solution that’s consistently effective. For that reason, a substantial percentage of our business comes through customers who refer families and friends. We appreciate that customer loyalty and make every effort, everyday, to live up to it. 
  3. They’re All-Natural / Non-Habit-Forming / No Side Effects  – Many of our customers report that they’ve taken various prescription drugs to address the problems that eventually bring them to Amazing-Solutions. And they find that our products work just as well, or better—without drug dependency or any other side effects.
  4. You Can Use Them As Often as You Like – With other medications, you take a dose and then have to wait until you’re “eligible” for another. With our products, it’s totally okay to apply and reapply as often as you like.
  5. They Contain Every Ingredient You See on the Label – Too many products, including those in the “natural care” market, deliver lower quality ingredients and lower ingredient levels than you see listed on their label. Our products are formulated exclusively by laboratories that promise “pharmaceutical grade” ingredients. And we hold them to that promise by regularly evaluating what they make for us.
  6. They’re Affordable – In spite of rising manufacturing costs, we work to keep our prices as low as possible. Our special pricing structure on all our products makes them highly competitive. In fact, across the board, our formulas are less expensive than any others of comparable quality available on the market. 
  7. They Come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee – So, really, there’s no risk involved. If you aren’t entirely satisfied, we’ll refund your price, including shipping, no questions asked.

Our Guarantee

We personally back each and every one of our products with a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you feel that any of our products does not work as promised, or if you are dissatisfied in any way, simply return the product to us within six (6) months of purchase and we will refund its full purchase price, including shipping and handling, no questions asked.

Should you choose to request a refund, simply return your order to us along with a letter stating your name, address, telephone number and the approximate date of your purchase. Refunds are issued within one week of when we receive a returned item. All refunds are processed in the form that purchase payment was submitted.  Send your refund request to: Premiere Enterprises, 2806 Oakhurst Ave, Los Angeles, California 90034.

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