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Easy Air Anti-Allergy System
Get Indoor Allergy Relief &
End Asthma Symptoms

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Fast allergy relief is possible. And you can stop asthma symptoms!
Finally, there’s an alternative to all those Don’t-Work allergy products. A safe and easy way to make your home or office an Allergy-Free Zone. It’s the laboratory-tested, 100% organic Easy Air Anti-Allergy System.

No more puffy or red eyes, runny nose, coughing, wheezing, headache, itchy rashes or splotchy skin. Trust the two powerful liquid formulas in the Easy Air System to ease even the worst adult or childhood asthma symptoms. And give immediate relief from dust mite allergy, cat allergy, dog allergies and other household pet allergies. Safe and effective for children and adults.

Here’s what you’ll get:


Instantly destroys the "airborne contaminants" that irritate nose and eyes, cause uncomfortable skin rashes, and trigger dangerous respiratory reactions. A light mist (sprayed onto mattress, pillows, upholstery, drapes and carpets) neutralizes all indoor allergens, on contact. It’s like taking a deadly boulder and crumbling it into harmless rubble. Contaminants disappear and the air in your home becomes as clean as a fresh-air mountaintop. Each 16-oz bottle treats up to 250 square feet.


Does what other allergy products and detergents do not—cleans all the way down to the microscopic level, deactivating invisible allergens that cling to clothing, towels, bed linen and other household laundry items. Great even for baby clothes as well as lingerie & other fine washables. Now anyone, at any age, can breathe easy and enjoy life, free from allergy and asthma symptoms. Benefits last through 4 washings.

All natural ingredients. Not harmful to pets.

Easy Air 32-oz. Economy Refill Bottles

Mite-NIX 32-oz Economy Refills
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Easy Air 16-oz. Individual Bottles

Mite-NIX 16-oz Individual Bottles
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Mite-NIX Anit-Allergy System

"My house was literally making me sick. Thank heavens for Easy Air. It’s given me back my life."

"My grandson couldn’t even stay with me because his allergies would get so bad. Now I spray and wash with Easy Air before he arrives and we don’t have any problems."

"It seemed like all my time was spent taking antihistamines, cleansing my sinuses, clearing my throat, blowing my nose and still trying to act like a normal person even though I was MISERABLE! Easy Air has made it a lot easier. Thanks."

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