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Easy Air Anti-Allergy System
Get Indoor Allergy Relief &
End Asthma Symptoms

What is the Easy Air Anti-Allergy System?

The System is a laboratory-tested way to ease adult or childhood asthma symptoms (pronounced asma). It also offers fast "indoor allergy" relief. Whether the problem is a dust mite allergy, dog allergies, a cat allergy—the Easy Air Anti-Allergy System will neutralize airborne contaminants that produce allergic reactions in sensitive people. The System includes two liquid formulas. Used together, their dual action power can turn any indoor area into an Allergy-Free Safety Zone.

  • Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief Spray, to treat upholstered furniture, carpeting, draperies, mattress, pillows and car interior.
  • Easy Air Anti-Allergy Laundry Rinse, to cleanse all washable clothing, towels and bed linen free of dangerous allergens.

How does the Easy Air Anti-Allergy System work?

The Easy Air Anti-Allergy System gets at the root of asthma and indoor allergies. On contact, both formulas deconstruct the molecular makeup of "indoor allergens," and offer asthma and allergy relief. It’s like taking a deadly boulder and crumbling it into harmless rubble. Contaminants are destroyed and your home or office becomes as clean as a fresh-air oasis. Made with 100% organic ingredients, the System is an all-natural alternative to harsh chemical allergy products.

How often should the System be used?

Asthma and indoor allergies vary from one person to another. Some people suffer only slightly; others live with extreme symptoms. You’ll know it’s time to "re-apply" to rooms and washables when allergy or asthma symptoms start to recur. Every 16-oz bottle of Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief Spray treats 250 square feet of indoor space and stays effective for up to 4 weeks. Each 16-oz bottle of Easy Air Anti-Allergy Laundry Rinse offers 8 full laundry loads of protection; and fabrics stay allergen-free through at least 2 washings.

What are "indoor allergens"?

They’re the invisibly small proteins that get shed by all living creatures. They’re airborne, which means your rooms are constantly invaded by them, even if they originate many yards away. No amount of cleaning can eliminate them. Dust and dust mites are major culprits. So are the "protein residuals" from household pets (fur, dander, saliva, urine and feathers). Even our own bodies produce these allergens, in the form of perspiration and dead skin cells which we shed continuously, day and night. All these contaminants provoke dust mite allergy symptoms as well as miserable reactions in those with cat allergy, dog allergies or asthma.

Are indoor allergens harmful to everyone?

Indoor allergens pose a potential risk to everyone. For example, healthy children living in homes with high levels of dust mites are 500% more likely to develop asthma.  That’s only one reason why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls your home “the most allergic place” you ever enter. By clearing the air of contaminating allergens, the Easy Air Anti-Allergy System helps you prevent problems before they start.

What are some indoor allergy symptoms?

The most common indoor allergy symptoms are similar to bad cold symptoms: puffy or red eyes, tearing and burning, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, upper respiratory congestion and headache. In more extreme cases, symptoms can also include itchy skin and rashes, shortness of breath, extreme exhaustion and even joint pain.

How common are indoor allergies?

Scientists report that over 60 million Americans have indoor allergies. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology reports that 10% of us need dust mite allergy relief. Pet allergies are also widespread. Dog allergies strike one in 7 of us. Another 1 in every 3 of us has a cat allergy. Researchers also say that you’re at greater risk for indoor allergies if you already have an outdoor allergy (like hay fever).

What causes asthma & indoor allergies?

Scientists think that heredity plays a role. If both your parents have allergies, there’s a 50% chance you will, too. And a 25% chance if only one of your parents is allergic. Experts also think that prolonged exposure to high levels of allergens can eventually provoke allergies. That’s why you can develop asthma or allergic conditions deep into adulthood or even older age. Whatever the trigger, symptoms occur because the body "mistakes" harmless allergens for threatening "invaders." In an effort to flush away infection, the body rushes antibodies to the nose, eyes, lungs and surface skin. These antibodies bind to the allergens, trying to destroy them. It’s the binding process that actually provokes symptoms.

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