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Premiere's Pain Spray
Chronic Pain Relief? Stop Chronic Pain, Naturally

According to the most conservative estimate, 1 in 5 Americans now lives with chronic pain. Many experts, however, think it’s closer to 1 in 3 of us!

What is chronic pain? The definition is changing. It used to that that if you experienced persistent discomfort for 3 months, then you had chronic pain. Now many doctors have pushed the diagnosis point to 6 months, and some have even set the bar at 12 months.    

Persistent doesn’t necessarily mean non-stop. Many people with chronic pain can go for months without discomfort, only to have it return suddenly and for no apparent reason. In addition, regardless of your genetically-influenced pain tolerance, scientists suspect that over time chronic pain makes you experience pain more intensely, more frequently.    

Chronic Pain — The Causes

  • Arthritis is among the most common causes. Nearly 50 million Americans have already been diagnosed, and a new patient is identified 33 seconds. It’s more common among women than men and risk definitely increases with age. By age 65, half of all Americans live with the condition’s chronic pain symptoms
  • Back injury, especially lower back strain, is almost as common a cause of chronic pain. Research indicates that nearly 80% of all Americans suffer significant lower back pain, at least occasionally. Half of all pregnant women suffer from persistent upper back pain or lower back pain (or both) at some time before they deliver.
  • Fibromyalgia (characterized by widespread pain, stiffness and fatigue), which currently affects an estimated 4 million Americans, results in almost constant pain for some.
  • Headache pain affects 1 in 9 Americans. Migraines plague 1 in every 6 women, and 1 in every 20 men.
  •  Foot pain is experienced by more than 3 out of 4 Americans at some point in their lives.
  • Also on list of Top 10 most common forms of chronic pain are hand pain and finger pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, pain from shingles and cancer.

Chronic pain happens to children, too.

Researchers believe that between 15 and 20 percent of children deal with chronic pain — usually headaches, abdominal pain, muscle pain, aching bones or joint pain. Just as chronic pain is more prevalent in women than men, girls report more pain than boys.

It can be hard for parents or other adults to recognize the problem because kids often will sleep, play and function normally even though they’re in pain. What’s more, younger children may not have the vocabulary needed to properly express their distress.

Chronic pain is expensive!

Studies indicate it accounts for nearly $100 billion dollars in medical costs each year, in the U.S. alone. Pain leads to 40 million doctor visits annually in this country. And results in 515 million lost workdays.  That’s the same as 1.4 million people being sick 365 days in a row.

Over-the-Counter or Prescription Drugs?

Although most Americans continue to rely on aspirin and other over-the-counter pain relievers to cope with chronic pain, doctors warn that these medications can cause serious side effects such as stomach and intestinal problems, impaired kidney function and high blood pressure.

On the other hand, prescription narcotics commonly used for pain control can lead to a wide range of side effects, including fatigue and constipation, difficulty concentrating, slow breathing and decreased blood pressure.

There is a natural remedy for chronic pain.

Luckily, more and more doctors, nurse practitioners, massage therapists, occupational and physical therapists have started recommending all-natural, herbal pain relief products.

One of the most respected is Premiere’s Pain Spray. With its active ingredient of 7% menthol, this all herbal pain relief spray works instantly. The more you apply, the stronger the effect. And the relief lasts for up to 5 hours. Available through, Pain Spray is not habit-forming and can be used safely by children as well as adults. It never causes numbness, drowsiness or any other harmful side effect.


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