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Premiere's PainSpray Roll-On
Pain Relief for Hard-to-Reach Places

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Get strong pain relief with powerful Premiere’s PainSpray Roll-On. Just like original Premiere’s PainSpray, our totally herbal PainSpray Roll-On will stop your joint or muscle pain in its tracks. Finally, a natural pain relief product that REALLY WORKS!

Relieves even the worst joint & muscle pain

Want fast arthritis pain relief? Need to relieve nagging back pain quickly? Premiere's PainSpray Roll-On can help. Hand pain. Shoulder pain. Hip pain. Leg pain. Foot pain. Ankle pain. Carpal tunnel. Fibromyalgia. Tennis elbow. Minor sports injuries. Bruising. Even childhood growing pains. They all disappear in less than 2 minutes. And relief lasts for hours.

The more you apply, the more relief you feel

Because it’s all-herbal, you can roll on as much PainSpray Roll-On as you need. And reapply as often as you want. Made with pure menthol, wintergreen, peppermint, eucalyptus and moisturizers to protect your skin from irritation—it stops pain without prescription drugs that make your drowsy or dangerous grocery store pills that upset your stomach.

Stops Body Aches & Pain Anywhere

The soft roller-ball applicator delivers immediate relief wherever it hurts. People love the way Premiere's PainSpray Roll-On targets hard-to-reach places. Like between your shoulder blades. On the back of your legs. Even across your middle back. Plus, it meets all major airline carry-on regulations. So you can take it with you anywhere, anytime.

Just roll it on, the pain is gone!

No running. No dripping. Never stains your skin, clothes or bedding. Dries quickly. No side effects. Safe for all ages.


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Pain Spray 1 oz. Travel Size

Pain Spray Travel Size

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Premiere's PainSpray - Pain Relief Spray

“I’ve been using Pain Spray for years and I LOVE it! It’s terrific for my feet and shoulders. Lately I’ve started ordering the Roll-On for my back because I can roll it on right where I need it. No waste or dripping.”

“Pain Spray is the best pain reliever I've ever used. I would recommend it to any one who has any type of pain or arthritis. It’s the better than anything I’ve tried and I've tried a lot of things!”

“Bad arthritis in my hands sometimes makes it hard for me to use the Pain Spray bottles. So the Roll-On is a dream come true. It’s so easy to use and never drips. I prefer it.”


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