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Premiere's PainSpray
Pain Relief Spray | Pain Relief Remedy

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Need a quick back pain relief spray? Want a fast arthritis pain relief remedy? Get it with all-natural Premiere’s PainSpray. Spray it on. Pain is gone—in less than 2 minutes.

An herbal pain relief solution that’s easy to use  

Spray Premiere's PainSpray, our natural pain relief remedy, wherever it hurts. First you’ll feel a wonderful cool sensation. Then a deep, soothing warmth.  And the natural pain relief lasts for hours.

Apply a quick mist and enjoy long-lasting lower back pain relief. Try a squirt or two after your bath or shower. You’ll love the strong arthritis pain relief that lasts all day.

Gives joint pain relief.  Premiere's PainSpray is great for neck pain relief, foot pain relief or shoulder pain relief. Perfect for ankle pain.  Tennis elbow.  Mild sports injuries.  Even childhood growing pains.  They all disappear in only seconds with this "Stop Pain" spray.

A natural pain relief remedy with pure ingredients & a pleasant scent

Premiere’s PainSpray is a 100% herbal blend of pure menthol, wintergreen, peppermint and eucalyptus. Rich botanical moisturizers are added, to protect your skin from irritation.  The fresh, clean smell will remind you of peppermint. It never stains your skin, clothes or bedding. A natural pain relief remedy.

The more you use PainSpray, Premiere's pain relief spray, the more relief you feel. Because it’s all-herbal, you can use this natural pain remedy as much as you need, as often as you want.  

Don’t suffer one more day

Get Premiere's PainSpray, our powerful herbal pain relief spray now.  No harmful side effects. Safe for all ages.


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Pain Spray 1 oz. Travel Size

Pain Spray Travel Size

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Premiere's PainSpray - Pain Relief Spray

"Before Pain Spray I needed to take morphine for pain relief and, on average, went to the emergency room once a week for pain medication injections. But with Pain Spray, I was able to literally flush the narcotics down the toilet. Your product is fantastic!"

"I am 29 years old and have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis pain for almost 10 years. Nothing ever helped except very strong pain medications. Then my father told me about Pain Spray. I tried it and in minutes I could walk and do normal things again! Thank you, thank you!"

"I was in a car wreck and hurt my neck and lower spine really bad. A friend brought me Pain Spray, saying he’d used it for years. I didn’t actually believe it would work but I hurt so bad, I was willing to try anything. One application and in 10 minutes the neck pain and lower back pain were gone. Now I use it four times a day and it’s great. I sleep like a baby!"


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