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Premiere's Pain Spray — Testimonials

“I’ve been using Pain Spray for years and I LOVE it! It’s terrific for my feet and shoulders. Lately I’ve started ordering the Roll-On for my back because I can roll it on right where I need it. No waste or dripping.”

“Pain Spray is the best pain reliever I've ever used. I would recommend it to any one who has any type of pain or arthritis. It’s the better than anything I’ve tried and I've tried a lot of things!”

“Bad arthritis in my hands sometimes makes it hard for me to use the Pain Spray bottles. So the Roll-On is a dream come true. It’s so easy to use and never drips. I prefer it.”

“Thanks for letting me mix and match the Pain Spray and the Roll-On. I appreciate it that you give discount pricing for any combination.”

“You should let people know my story. I travel a lot for my job and your Pain Spray Roll-On bottles make it through all the airport check points with no problem. The spray bottles sometimes don’t. Frequent flyers should know about this.” 

“We have ordered Pain Spray for years and it’s fantastic! I use it for my back pain. My spouse uses it for his knees whenever he plays softball. Now he has most of his team mates using it as well. GREAT STUFF!”

“I LOVE Pain Spray.  I have had trouble with my neck for years and used to take medication for the pain. Many times I'd have to wait HOURS before I could take additional pills even though I had gotten no relief. Now I can use Pain Spray as often as necessary. It’s safe AND effective.”

“We are extremely satisfied with Pain Spray. It always works top rate. We have given bottles to other family members and friends who have then ordered for themselves.”

“Many mornings I would just sit and cry because my back hurt so much.  When I bought a bottle of Pain Spray it was the best thing I ever did.”

“I have arthritis in my neck. My stomach cannot tolerate anti-inflammatory drugs, so the natural pain relief I get from Pain Spray is a blessing.”

“Before Pain Spray I needed to take morphine for pain relief and, on average, went to the emergency room once a week for pain medication injections.  But with Pain Spray, I was able to literally flush the narcotics down the toilet. Your product is fantastic!”

“Your Pain Spray is the best pain reliever I have ever used! It actually does what it says it will do. I’ve passed out several bottles to family and friends and so far ALL have been happy with it.”

“I am 29 years old and have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis pain for almost 10 years. Nothing ever helped except very strong pain medications. Then my father told me about Pain Spray.  I tried it and in minutes I could walk and do normal things again! Thank you, thank you!”

“I was in a car wreck and hurt my neck and lower spine really bad.  A friend brought me Pain Spray, saying he’d used it for years. I didn’t actually believe it would work but I hurt so bad, I was willing to try anything. One application and in 10 minutes the neck pain and lower back pain were gone. Now I use it four times a day and it’s great. I sleep like a baby!”

“I just received my order of 24 Pain Spray bottles. I will be giving them out as Xmas gifts and I’m sure all my friends will be calling you for more. It’s the world’s greatest form of relief from pain. And it works in only an instant. Don’t lose the formula!”

“My husband and I just want to let you know how important Pain Spray is to us. He has almost daily backaches and arthritis in his fingers. Your product takes the pain away in seconds. By night time, most nights, my legs are in terrible pain but I spray on the Pain Spray and within a few minutes I’m able to walk again. We just couldn’t be with it. There is absolutely no other medication that has helped either one of us like Pain Spray does.”

“Last night I fell and had a lot of aching and pain. My sister brought over a bottle of Pain Spray and applied it to my knees, toes, hand and believe or not, the arch of my feet. By this morning I was back to myself. So thank you for making it. And for my sister passing it along.”


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