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10184511-purple-lavender-flowers-in-the-fieldFor the end of summer, nothing beats lavender!  Add a few drop of this essential oil to tepid water and you’ll have a very effective (and aromatic) compress for sunburns. Some aromatherapists like to include an equal amount of chamomile oil in this formula, especially for children because chamomile is the most popular essential oil for childhood remedies.  If the sunburn stings too much to apply a compress, you can fill any spray-head bottle with the mix and spritz on your sunburn as often as you like until the skin feels begins to recover.  You’ll find it heals quickly and without peeling.

Lavender is also a natural medicine for migraines and headaches caused by too much sun. It’s intended especially for “throbbing head pain” and indicated whenever “cold brings relief.” This may be due to lavender’s analgesic properties. It has a remarkable ability to numb pain of almost all sorts. So if too much fun in the sun has you needing low back pain relief, just add 10 drops of essential lavender oil to one-quarter cup of jojoba oil and you’ll have the perfect therapeutic massage oil.

Finally, lavender is a well-known natural insomnia remedy. If nighttime heat leaves you in need of help getting to sleep or help to stay asleep, use a few drops of this essential oil in a room diffuser. What’s more, because lavender is frequently used to relieve tension, depression and irritability, you’ll be more likely to fall asleep in fine  mood and wake up content.

One note: the finest lavender oil for therapeutic purposes is Lavandula Officinalis. Native to Persia it is now cultivated primarily in France. But this powerful plant is small and yields only a few blossoms at a time, making it very expensive. If you’re willing to hunt for it and can afford the cost, it’s well worth the effort. But the more common alternative is Lavandula Angustifolia, which works well for most everyday aromatherapy treatments.