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Man Watching March Madness on TV

post-surgery priority: watching March Madness on television

There has long been contention in the medical research community as to whether vasectomy procedures affect a man’s risk of prostate cancer. And since an average of one in six men over 35 years of age decide to get a vasectomy — a procedure that leads to sterility by means of severing and tying a man’s vas deferentia to prevent the release of sperm — the topic deserves attention. Yet even data and discussion from the National Cancer Institute is as outdated as 2002.

In the meantime, a stranger correlation has come out of the woodwork: vasectomy procedures and March Madness. Intriguing and, as I thought when I first read the headlines, hard to believe.

Sure enough, the trend started in 2008 when the Oregon Urology Institute offered free t-shirts, free food and frozen peas (for swelling post-surgery). Now it seems that men are finding incentives to get a vasectomy during the March Madness month of leisurely basketball watching. By this year, the Cleveland Clinic expects the number of vasectomy procedures to increase 50%.

USA Today reports more on the story here.