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So you have a problem. And racking your brain for a solution just isn’t helping you come up with a way to fix it.

Like a lot of people, my best problem-solving ideas usually don’t reveal themselves when I want them to. And certainly they don’t come to me while I’m working. Some people say they get ideas in the shower. Or while working out. Or from a restful night’s sleep. (Mine come to me when I’m relaxed and talking with friends about something completely unrelated to what I was trying to figure out!)

So — what does this mean? Is there a science, perhaps, to when and how our brains solve problems? Well…I found out some interesting answers from the writers of “The Winner’s Brain,” a book which examines the correlation between success and the way we creatively think through issues.

Up above is a podcast from CBC Radio exploring this phenomenon of “shower thinkers” and other models for releasing your brain to give it more room for creative problem-solving. Give it a listen.