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15849322_sSo it turns out middle age women aren’t the only ones coping with painful sex! In fact, new research is shattering a lot of myths related to age, sex and pleasure lubricants.  Just for starters…

A 2013 study finds that the two most common sexual problems reported by women are vaginal dryness (82% of all respondents) and pain during sex (75% of all respondents). Frankly, there’s nothing especially new about this EXCEPT that the study finds younger women experience these problems just as frequently as older women do. PLUS, younger women are twice as likely to be bothered by their symptoms.

A second study, done through the Center for Sexual Health at Indiana University, offers new insight into who uses a vaginal lubricant. And why they choose to use one. Researchers surveyed women ages 18-60 and found that most (62%) had used a lubricant for sex with slightly more than one in four women reporting that they had used one in the past month.  Some reported that they used the product to stop pain during sex. For example, one participant said her menopause dryness had made sex painful sex for years and her recent use of a lubricant had again made it possible to feel comfortable during intercourse.

Even more interesting, many women participating in the Indiana study said that while they had not typically felt pain during intercourse, the use of a vaginal lubricant had made sex significantly more pleasurable and satisfying.

Not so long ago a vaginal dryness cream was thought of as “medicine,” intended to compensate for the natural decline in a woman’s own lubrication after menopause.  This study suggests that the role of high-quality lubricants, like Crème De La Femme, is changing dramatically. Instead of making up for an age-related “problem,” they’re joining the mainstream – being used proactively by couples of all ages to enhance sexual pleasure.