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AromaWorks Pocket Inhaler Set
Essential Oil Aromatherapy

AromaWorka Aromatherapy Inhalers

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Individual Inhaler Pricing:  Suppress  Sleep  Alert  Relax

Essential oil aromatherapy gives you a shortcut to better health.
It stimulates your body’s own healing ability. Restores metabolic balance. Quiets mental distraction. And calms emotional upset.

Now with the AromaWorks Pocket Inhaler Set you can apply laboratory-tested, essential oil formulas to some of the most annoying everyday health problems.

SLEEP gives you powerful insomnia help without addictive drugs. Blends imported lavender oil with marjoram, vanilla and hops. Helps induce tranquility, warm the body, quiet the mind and ease tension. Sleep better; wake up alert.

SUPPRESS offers appetite control and inhibits food cravings. Grapefruit oil lowers hunger and peppermint stimulates digestion. This essential oil appetite suppressant is positively shown to curb over-eating when used at mealtime.

ALERT is the ultimate all-natural pick me up! Completely non-habit forming, it boosts energy and mental awareness with orange-scented neroli. Combats exhaustion as well as depression with basil and spearmint.

RELAX helps you unwind naturally. Brings fast anxiety relief and slows a hyperactive mind. Lemon, orange and bergamot soothe frazzled nerves and encourage emotional flexibility. Vanilla and sandalwood ease depression and promote confidence.

The all-cotton spine inside each of these easy-to-use, portable aromatherapy inhalers is soaked in a rich blend of pure essential oils.  Place the inhaler under your nostrils, inhale and the oils will gently influence your limbic system, your brain’s command center for emotions and metabolic function.

No side effects.  Non-habit forming.  Safe for all ages.

Individual Inhalers Sleep, Suppress, Alert, or Relax

Individual AromaWorks Inhalers
First Inhaler   Each Extra           ea.

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AromaWorks Pocket Inhaler Set

"Suppress really helps keep my appetite under control, especially when I use it mid-meal. It keeps me from overeating."

"I ordered Sleep almost as a joke. Guess what? It worked! I’m writing this letter at 10 o’clock in the morning and I slept like a baby all night."

"Send me five of your AromaWorks Variety Packs. What a great idea for Christmas gifts!"



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