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AromaWorks Pocket Inhaler Set— Testimonials

"I was skeptical about your products until I ordered 2 of them & can honestly say that they are fabulous & absolutely do what they are intended to do. I was able to eliminate OTC sleep aids and replace them with the SLEEP inhaler. I fall asleep within 15 minutes of using it and get at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I also am using the SUPPRESS inhaler to assist me in my weight loss efforts, and it also works. I highly suggest to those that have doubts about these inhalers to give them a try. They are natural & will not harm you – a great way to go pure & natural in a world today filled with too many pills & mind-altering medications."

"Suppress really helps keep my appetite under control, especially when I use it mid-meal. It keeps me from overeating."

"I ordered Sleep almost as a joke. Guess what? It worked! I’m writing this letter at 10 o’clock in the morning and I slept like a baby all night."

"Send me five of your AromaWorks Variety Packs. What a great idea for Christmas gifts!"

"My daughter’s insomnia was a household curse. Imagine our whole family stumbling around in the middle of the night, trying to coax a toddler and later a little girl into falling asleep. Then one day I saw a Sleep ad on the internet. It’s wonderful! Whenever she can’t asleep, she uses it and we all have an easier night!"

"I lost 30 lbs in 18 months. And Suppress helped a lot! It didn’t take my cravings away, but it helped me control them. Thanks, AromaWorks."

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AromaWorks Pocket Inhaler Set


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