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Sleep Pocket Inhaler
Essential Oil Aromatherapy

AromaWorka Sleep Aromatherapy Inhalers
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Ever wished for effective insomnia help—without prescription drugs? The SLEEP Pocket Inhaler is a unique and convenient way to put the all-natural power of essential oil aromatherapy to work for you.

Whether you combat chronic insomnia or simply find yourself going through a stressful time that makes it difficult to fall (or stay) asleep—this carefully balanced blend of essential oils can quiet your nervous system and soothe mental distractions:

  • Lavender, marjoram and vanilla oils combine to quiet anxiety, soothe frustration,  relieve depression and ease grief.  Together, they warm the nervous system, combat irritability and soften anger.
  • Hops oil is an age-old remedy for sleeplessness.  It has also been used effectively to promote sleep in those experiencing physical or emotional pain from  physical illness or injury.

The all-cotton spine inside this easy-to-use, portable aromatherapy inhaler is soaked in these rich, imported oils.  Place the inhaler under your nostrils, breathe deep and the oils will move instantly to your limbic system, your brain’s command center for emotions and metabolic function.

Imagine what it might be like to simply fall asleep.  Without any complicated bedtime rituals that don’t work.  Without habit-forming pills that leave you groggy and disconnected in the morning. Let SLEEP Pocket Inhaler give you a safe, laboratory-tested way to fall asleep easily.  And wake up refreshed and alert.

Use as often as needed. No Site effects. Non-habit forming.  Safe for all ages



  • SUPPRESS for appetite control & weight loss. 
  • ALERT for the ultimate energy boost & pick me up. 
  • RELAX for anxiety relief & a hyperactive mind. Individual AromaWorks Inhalers

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AromaWorks Pocket Inhaler Set

"Suppress really helps keep my appetite under control, especially when I use it mid-meal. It keeps me from overeating."

"I ordered Sleep almost as a joke. Guess what? It worked! I’m writing this letter at 10 o’clock in the morning and I slept like a baby all night."

"Send me five of your AromaWorks Variety Packs. What a great idea for Christmas gifts!"



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