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Headache ReLeaf Roll-On
Natural Migraine Relief &
Headache Pain Remedy

What is Headache ReLeaf Roll-On?

It’s a convenient, pocket-size migraine treatment and headache remedy. All-herbal and 100% organic, Headache ReLeaf is an aromatic liquid formula that stops headache pain and gives natural migraine relief.    

How does Headache ReLeaf Roll-On work?

By delivering a powerful double-punch to throbbing headache pain. First, it contains imported menthol, one of the world’s fastest-acting herbal pain relievers. Second, it blends the three most effective essential oils used for headache & migraine treatment.

Why does menthol relieve headache pain?

Menthol allows you to take advantage of important brain chemistry: the human brain can process only one new sensory message at a time. By replacing throbbing headache signals with equally intense alternatives (initially a rejuvenating cool sensation followed by deep, soothing warmth), menthol interrupts the brain’s perception of pain. That makes Headache ReLeaf an ideal migraine treatment and a safe answer to chronic headache pain.

And how do essential oils help?

Naturopaths worldwide use essential oils (extracted from blossoms, leaves, bark and roots) to restore balance to the body, mind and emotions. This approach is based on the assumption that your body is naturally in a state of balance.  Headaches and migraines occur because that balance is disrupted by poor habits or illness.  When the proper oils (combined in proper proportion) are applied to the skin, they get absorbed through your pores and pass quickly into your blood stream, traveling first to superficial muscle tissue and joints, then down into deep tissue and internal organs.  It’s there that they work to restore balance and treat the root cause of your headache pain.  

What essential oils are in Headache ReLeaf Roll-On?

  • French Lavender: for natural migraine relief and for headaches due to nervous tension, a woman’s monthly period, menopause, sunstroke or cold wind.
  • Indian Peppermint: to stop headaches associated with fever, colds & flu, sinus congestion, allergies, lack of sleep and mental exhaustion.
  • Turkish Rose: for hangover headaches and headaches caused by too much strenuous exercise or physical exertion, emotional stress, crying or grief.

What’s wrong with over-the-counter pain relievers?

More than 16,500 Americans die every year from overuse of over-the-counter "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs" (which include aspirin, ibuprofen and indomethacin). Another 103,000 are hospitalized annually for complications from products they probably bought at the grocery store to combat headache pain or to offer migraine pain relief. Research proves that these over-the-counter pain relievers increase your risk for serious health problems, from high blood pressure to stomach and intestinal bleeding, ulcers, kidney and liver problems.

Can I use Headache ReLeaf Roll-On with other drugs?

Yes, because it is not a drug, Headache ReLeaf Roll-On is safe to use with any prescription medication.

Is Headache ReLeaf Roll-On safe for children?

Yes, and that's great news for the one in five American children and teenagers who suffer from regular or chronic headache or from migraine headaches.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

Naturopaths warn pregnant women not to use large amounts of peppermint. Each Headache ReLeaf Roll-On vial contains less than one-tenth teaspoon of peppermint oil. Nevertheless, always check with your caregiver and get approval from your doctor, nurse practitioner or midwife before using Headache ReLeaf Roll-On or any other over-the-counter product during pregnancy.