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Headache ReLeaf Roll-On 3 Pack
Natural Migraine Relief &
Headache Pain Remedy

Headache ReLeaf
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Headache ReLeaf Roll-On stops migraines & headache pain fast!
No more pills to upset your stomach. No more drugs to make you drowsy or irritable. Just instant, all natural herbal relief!

Packaged in a convenient roll-on applicator, Headache ReLeaf lets you blast even the worst migraines and chronic headache pain with a powerful blend of essential oils: lavender, rose, peppermint and menthol. Works fast and smells great.

The all-herbal formula makes it ideal for children and teens. Yet it also offers adults 100% natural migraine relief. Soothes bad hangover headache pain.  Ends the misery of headaches due to stress, tension, exhaustion, overexertion, cold, fever, flu, sinus congestion, PMS, monthly period, menopause, sun or wind. Soothes bad hangover headache pain.

Gently massage the roller-ball head wherever your feel the pain.  Across your forehead. Over your temples. Around the back of your neck. Into your hairline and scalp. Even onto the bridge of your nose & cheekbones. Cooling relief comes within seconds. 

Use as often as needed. No side effects.

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Headache ReLeaf Roll-on

"I threw away the aspirin once I discovered Headache ReLeaf. Plus I love the smell. The pain starts to subside even before I roll it on my temples. Just a whiff and I feel better!"

"One of the worst problems in menopause is the headaches. Headache ReLeaf is a great help and it’s part of my campaign to deal with this whole experience using only natural treatments."

"I've suffered with horrible headaches all my life and tried everything under the sun. All kinds of natural remedies, aspirin, you name it. Nothing has ever worked for me like Headache ReLeaf. I don't know what I'd do without it."


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Headache ReLeaf