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Prostate Health Cocktail (PHC)
Comments from Dr. Jacek Pinski, Creator of PHC

“Having products which are as natural as possible is not a bad idea for any man, starting around age 40.”

“I drew exclusively from solid scientific research conducted at leading medical institutions. The data show that the ingredients in PHC can effectively protect men’s prostate health without toxic side effects.”

“And researchers are also looking to see if various natural substances can cause prostate cancer cell death in patients who’ve already developed disease.”

“Many laboratory scientists and clinicians are looking toward natural therapies, especially for preventing prostate disease. If I’m ahead of the curve, it’s only because I speculate that particular supplements and vitamins may have a positive impact on patients who’ve already developed disease. ”

“… Studies indicate that some men are at higher risk than others. Family history is important. A man with a significant family history of prostate cancer is certainly at higher risk. Additionally, African American men have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Research tells us that they have an incidence over 50% higher.

“The truth is that there are undeniable limitations to so-called modern medicine. So we have to look beyond what we already know… Many times we’re talking about plant extracts, manmade recreations of substances originally extracted from plants.”

“So when we debate the tension between so-called ‘chemotherapeutic’ agents on the one hand and all-natural products on the other hand—the enormous divide is more imaginary than real. The true distance between them isn’t so big after all.”

“Another good thing about the ingredients in PHC is that they’re all very well tolerated by patients.  They have a very low toxicity profile.  In fact, in the doses we’re using, they are completely toxicity-free.” 

“So if you have something that does not have any toxic impact and at the same time prevents you from dealing in the future with a disease which could potentially become deadly—why not use it?”

Read an interview with Dr. Pinski, about prostate health and the benefits of PHC.

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Prostate Health Cocktail


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