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Ever dreamed of a totally natural facelift? Facial Reflexology just might be it. Popular for years in Western Europe and Asia, this innovative therapy is slowly making its way into the U.S. But you may have to look hard to find it… Read more

Bye, Bye Botox with Reflexology

Let’s Face It: Nobody Likes the Physical Signs of Aging!

Fortunately, we may not have to deal with them much longer. Not if Facial Reflexology can really do what enthusiasts claim: improve blood circulation, drain lymphatic residue and rejuvenate facial tissue.


How It Started

Analagous to traditional foot reflexology, this non-invasion treatment is based on the theory that you have 35 specific acupressure points on your face which correspond to various parts of your body. By stimulating those points, some say you can correct underlying energy imbalances and, by extension, enhance your physical, mental and emotional health.


At first glance Facial Reflexology (F/R) looks a lot like any other facial, but it's actually very unique. It was developed by Danish reflexologist Lone Sorensen Lopez as a way of massaging specific acupressure points on the face in order to alleviate health problems originating elsewhere in the body.


While F/R remains a fairly new therapy, it’s now available in 15 countries, and worldwide there are 3,500 certified facial reflexologists offering the service. Fans claim that it has successfully treated everything from digestive complaints to hot flashes, migraines, insomnia, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, even post traumatic stress disorder.


A Totally Natural Facelift

The beauty bonus that goes along with F/R can be impressive. By using the face as its treatment zone, F/R stimulates facial nerves, muscles and circulation—improving muscle tone, encouraging the growth of new facial skin tissue, and quite literally “lifting” the face to make it feel and look smoother and younger.


Each F/R session lasts about one hour. The first treatment may be longer because most therapists start by taking a full health history to identify any underlying imbalances that you may be experiencing. You'll have the chance to discuss your goals and then the treatment begins.


Rose Hips Oil for Refloxology
  1. Your face is washed with rosewater.

  2. Next a tiny amount of Rosehips Oil is applied to your face and neck. This natural moisturizer is packed with Vitamin C, which heals and conditions your face, leaving it noticeably softer and more supple.

  3. Then with firm, slow strokes the therapist begins to feel for tiny differences in texture under your facial skin, indicating the parts of your body that may need attention. These texture variations feel like tiny grains of rice lodged deep in the skin
  4. With speedier motions, the therapist massages the necessary acupressure points on your face. Many people report feeling enormously relaxed during this treatment. Some aestheticians say that’s because endorphins are released during the session.

  5. And to finish up, your face will be massaged with rhythmic strokes that most clients find incredibly soothing.

Does It Work?

One woman remembers her initial skepticism and how it turned into belief. After her first F/R treatment she remembers being, “unprepared for how transforming facial manipulation can be. I notice the difference the moment I sit up—my face feels years young, taunt and glowing. For the first time in ages, I feel radiant. Two weeks later, I have another treatment to prove that the first wasn’t a fluke. My complexion goes on glowing and I feel far more robust.”


A North Carolina police officer used the technique when he returned from Iraq, suffering with debilitating sleep and breathing problems as well as trouble bending his neck (the result of wearing body armor). “I’m sleeping better at night than I was.” His breathing is easier and the muscle tension in his upper body is starting to subside. No surprise: he plans on more therapy sessions.


Another delighted woman says that she began F/R treatment with cautious hope that it might relieve her nearly constant hot flashes. “By the third session, they had reduced to just one or two a day. By session five, they had almost disappeared. I’m convinced the treatments worked. I haven’t had a hot flash for nearly a year. And I’ve got my energy back.”


Prepare to Search

The fact is that F/R is hard to find in salons and spas across the United States. Only a handful of therapists work in this country. To see if there’s a certified facial refloxologist in your area, refer to http://www.globalfacial.com/ing/usa.html


If you don’t find anyone listed who’s a reasonable distance away, encourage your local spa to send one of their aestheticians for certification training. It’s offered annually in the United States, sometimes by Lopez herself. And in the meantime, view the two videos below for gentle F/R you can do yourself.


Free facial rejuvenation exercise        Free facial rejuvenation exercise



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