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This year, avoid the Mother’s Day mall madness by choosing to give an all-natural gift. Your mom will love it!   Read more

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3 Healthy Gift Ideas That Any Mom Will Love!

Really: how many new robes or body creams can any one woman use? On the other hand, Mother’s Day is fast approaching so it’s time to pick up a gift. Why not make this the year you shop All-Natural?


A NATURAL LIP PLUMPER, for more pout without chemical additives. Many cosmetic-counter lip plumpers contain potentially risky ingredients (like parabens). Luckily, there are safe alternatives. Natural plumpers work just as well as synthetic ones do, slightly irritating lip tissue and causing it to swell.


You can blend your own formula using an essential oil. Good ones for this purpose are cinnamon, peppermint, wintergreen or ginger. Fill a 2-ounce glass bottle with a natural moisturizer: pure jojoba oil or 100% pure vegetable glycerin. (Both are available in the cosmetic section of health food stores.) Then add a small amount—one or two drops—of essential oil. Mix well by shaking the bottle several times and test the mixture on your own lips. You should feel a slight tingle or a little heat. If you feel too much, add more base oil and test again.


If you want a fancier presentation, try a retail plumper. One of the best is LipSmart, a restorative wonder for any mouth that has started to lose fullness or develop fine wrinkles. This botanical plumper blends natural amino acids with peach, pineapple, apricot, lemon and coconut extracts to improve definition of the outer lip area and safely boost collagen production. The result is a mouth that (temporarily) looks smoother, fuller and healthier. LipSmart comes in an easy-glide applicator. It can be worn as a color-free lip balm or under lipstick. If applied three times daily, it should take about a month to provide the full effect. Purchase online or locate a participating store near you at http://www.lipsmartusa.com/


Tai  ChiSENIOR TAI CHI CLASSES could be a great idea, for several reasons. With its elegant orchestration of slow movements, this ancient Chinese form of exercise will help boost memory, lower blood pressure, relieve joint pain and improve balance.


Because it's a low-impact regimen, Tai Chi safeguards older bones. It also strengthens muscle tissue which naturally tends to weaken with age. By improving joint movement, it relieves arthritis pain. By focusing the student’s concentration on deep breathing, it improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and aides digestion. By regulating respiratory function, it benefits anyone with asthma or emphysema. Research also finds that a 15-minute Tai Chi routine done daily can lower a senior’s risk of falling by 25%. And by stimulating production of a brain protein known as BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), it also improves memory.


Many branches of the YMCA offer Senior Tai Chi classes. So do most large hospital out-patient wellness programs. While there does not seem to be a good national directory available online, you can search “tai chi for seniors in (city, state)” and for most locations a list of options will pop up.


Organic Sugar

COCONUT PALM SUGAR TREATS are a taste sensation and relatively guilt-free. It's especially fun when a son bakes, so consider making her Brown-Butter Blondies, recently featured on the Dr. Oz website. They're easy and delicious.


There’s a lot to like about coconut palm sugar. First, it tastes great! Sweet like sugar but with a mild caramel flavor blended in. It also has a very low “glycemic index,” the measure of its immediate effect on blood sugar as well as the amount of glucose it causes the body to release over a 2-3 hour period. The higher a food raises blood sugar, the higher its glycemic index—and the more detrimental it is to health.


This natural sweetener comes from the nectar of flowers that grow high in coconut trees. Once air dried, it turns into golden-brown crystals that are naturally rich in nutrients (potassium, zinc, iron, B1, B2, B3 and B6). Be aware that palm sugar and coconut palm sugar are different. Before purchasing, make sure the label says “derived from coconuts.” And be certain you’re buying pure coconut palm sugar, not a blend that includes refined white sugar.



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