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Am I the only person who hadn’t heard of Sea Buckthorn? A customer recently told me about it and I quickly started researching. Wow! This affordable supplement appears to be an absolute fountain of youth. Read more

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Can Just One Herb Really Do All That?

Surf the internet for even 30 minutes and you’ll be amazed by the promise of Sea Buckthorn. There are remarkable testimonials from real-life users and a smattering of solid science—all supporting the benefits of this hearty herb that grows mostly in Europe and Asia.  Just for starters…


■ Teas brewed from its leaves and flowers have improved blood pressure and lowered cholesterol.

■ Gel caps containing oil from its bitter berries appear to relieve arthritis pain and gout.

■ Two recent studies find that, when taken as a dietary supplement, the herb relieves dry eye syndrome.

■ It has been shown to ease heartburn and constipation.

■ New moms claim it eliminates stretch marks.

■ It seems to control adolescent acne and adult rosacea.

■ Beauty experts use it in cream form to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and to restore the elasticity that skin loses with age.


Need a new diet strategy? Sea Buckthorn can help you lose weight. Not long ago, Dr. Oz featured its fat-burning powers on his nationally syndicated television show.  He reported on one study in which mice were fed a high-fat diet. Half were also given Sea Buckthorn berries and they managed to stay healthy while their less fortunate counterparts developed diabetes, heart disease and got obese! As Dr. Oz explained, the study suggests that Sea Buckthorn can signal to the body that it should stop storing unnecessary fat. And the pounds fall off with less arduous dieting.

The Legend of Sea Buckthorn

Dubbed the dietary supplement for “urogenital health,” Sea Buckthorn also appears to relieve vaginal dryness.  Anytime a woman’s body stops producing enough of its own vaginal moisture (because of stress, fatigue, pregnancy, breastfeeding, certain medical conditions and certainly menopause) the result is uncomfortable dryness. What’s more, that youthful intimate moisture serves as a layer of antibacterial protection. When it diminishes, women become more vulnerable to vaginal irritation and infection. After just a month of taking two Sea Buckthorn oil capsules, twice daily, one post-menopausal woman explains that she could feel a definite difference. And after three months, she felt virtually “back to normal.” Experts speculate this is due to the herb’s high concentration of Omega-7 fatty acid, which may be able to add back the natural lubrication that should live inside the vaginal canal.


The oil of Sea Buckthorn may slow hair loss in men and women. Not long also, Chinese researchers discovered a very particular mite parasite that lives off human skin and it is invariably present in the hair follicles of people experiencing hair loss.  Sea buckthorn oil has been shown to kill these parasites. So massaging cold-pressed Sea Buckthorn oil directly into the scalp for a few minutes before shampooing may help arrest hair loss and encourage new hair growth. 


What’s the Take-Away?: Although the Mayo Clinic has started researching Sea Buckthorn, no major U.S. research institutions have conclusively established the supplement’s efficacy.  A number of European and Asian research teams have made more headway, however. And their preliminary results appear impressive. So, a daily dose of up to 500 mg in capsule form might be worth a try! 






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