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One Woman’s Experience with Vaginal Dryness

Twelve years ago, Jann Meadows enjoyed fabulously good health. She had a wonderful husband and children who loved her. In fact, she says, “I was the emblem of a happy and secure American woman.”

Not yet 50, Jann hadn’t even started to think about menopause. She still got her period most months and couldn't fully relate to what "vaginal dryness due to menopause" meant.

The problem - dysplasia caused pain during intercourse

Then Jann had a routine gynecological exam. When the results came back, they showed evidence of “moderate dysplasia.” In every day language: the surface lining of her cervix was undergoing some abnormal cell growth. While she was still safe, there was concern that those renegade cells could proliferate too fast, potentially moving her toward cancer.

Her doctor recommended a complete hysterectomy. Less than two weeks later, a second physician concurred.

Still, Jann was hesitant and she made it her mission to get informed. She ultimately chose less extreme intervention: naturopathy along with frequent sophisticated cervical exams, so that she and her doctor could monitor for improvement or further dysplasia.

A year later, she got a normal PAP result, and regular follow-ups have found no problems since.

“But it was a hard year,” Jann remembers, “and one of my biggest frustrations was vaginal dryness. I felt almost constant soreness and burning.”  Intercourse became extremely painful and even everyday activities, like sitting down, became uncomfortable.

The search for vaginal dryness relief

Worried about the possibility of dangers linked to over-the-counter vaginal lubricants, Jann asked local pharmacists to recommend a safe vaginal dryness treatment.

“But everything on the market had a list of ingredients a mile long, and most of them were 25-letter words I couldn't even pronounce,” she says. “I didn’t want chemicals. I wanted something natural, something pure."

Then Jann learned about Crème de la Femme and from the very first application, she loved it. "I was impressed that it had been created by a woman doctor.

“I loved that it never burned like other lubricants did. I learned later that's because it doesn't contain alcohol like they do. It wasn’t runny or sticky. It felt totally natural and sex became wonderful again.”

Now in her early 60s, Jann continues to trust and rely on Crème. After her morning shower she applies a little externally for all-day comfort. Then she adds more internally before intercourse.

Jann knows there are many causes of vaginal dryness, and she realizes that every woman’s story is slightly unique. “But as middle-age women, we’re talking to one another about this issue,” she says. “And when we do, I rave about Creme de la Femme. I absolutely love this product. It’s transformed the quality of my life!"

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Pain during intercourse? Get vaginal dryness relief with Creme de la Femme.