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Creme de la Femme
Vaginal Dryness Remedy — Learn More

What is Creme de la Femme?

Creme de la Femme is an all-natural vaginal lubricant.  Developed by a woman doctor and trusted by women for over 25 years, it is a luxurious vaginal cream that leaves protective, silky moisture on intimate tissue—giving instant relief from uncomfortable vaginal dryness, no matter why it happens.

What are the causes of vaginal dryness?

Anytime a woman’s estrogen hormone level gets too low, the result is vaginal dryness. If delicate intimate tissue stays dry too long, it can become painful. Over time, vaginal irritation and infection can occur. Estrogen can diminish for many reasons. Menopause is the most common cause. By age 50, more than 75% of women are living with uncomfortable vaginal dryness. Other reasons for low-estrogen include breastfeeding, ovarian dysfunction, hysterectomy, extreme exhaustion, prolonged stress, intense exercise, chemotherapy and some prescription drugs (including birth control pills).

How does Creme de la Femme work?

It works a lot like the richest, most luxurious facial moisturizers.  It protects tissue with an ultra-thin layer of “fluid-film” lubrication and slows down the vaginal atrophy (tissue shrinkage) that is a normal part of aging.  Of course, only prescription hormone can replenish estrogen that a woman’s body no longer makes on its own. But in recent years, concerns about the medical risks of such hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have worried many women, their doctors and pharmacists. Creme de la Femme is a safe alternative.

How often should Creme de la Femme be used?

Because Creme de la Femme is made exclusively from natural ingredients, it can be applied as often as desired. For all-day comfort, some women like to apply it externally after their bath or shower.  Others prefer to use the thin applicator that comes sealed in every box, to apply the lubricant internally.  You will probably want to apply daily—at least initially—to replenish moisture and stop vaginal irritation.  Eventually, you may find that you can use it less often.  In addition, most women apply more before intercourse.  Creme de la Femme is self-cleansing, so it leaves no messy residue and never requires follow-up douching.

What are the ingredients in Creme de la Femme?

Creme de la Femme is a blend of extremely pure mineral oil and pharmaceutical-grade petrolatum combined with paraffin and ceresin (cosmetic waxes). So Creme de la Femme is an oil-based vaginal lubricant that remains semi-solid at room temperature. Then the instant it touches warm skin, it melts into silky, sheer moisture. Unlike other vaginal lubricants, Creme de la Femme contains no alcohol, dyes or glycerin. All ingredients used in the formula are FDA monographed and registered.

Who created Creme de la Femme?

Marilynn Pratt, MD, spent over five years developing and testing Creme de la Femme. She started the project because so many of her own patients complained about menopausal vaginal dryness and the need for a safe, elegant remedy. Since 1986, when Dr. Pratt introduced the product to the general public, countless women nationwide have come to depend on it.   

Can Creme de la Femme cause vaginal infection?

No. In fact, Creme de la Femme actually helps protect against yeast infection.  Here’s why: most vaginal lubricants are water-based products and water is a breeding ground for yeast.  Because Creme de la Femme is an oil-based lubricant, it moisturizes without contributing to yeast growth.  In addition, because it’s oil-based, it doesn’t run or dry up fast. Protection lasts for hours, lowering your risk of abrasion, bladder infection & vaginal irritation.  Finally, because Creme de la Femme contains no glycerin (the by-product of fermented carbohydrate), it is safe even for women with diabetes.

Will Creme de la Femme interfere with prescription drugs?

Because it is not a drug, Creme de la Femme does not interfere with the efficacy of any prescription drug.  It can be used by women undergoing chemotherapy. It is safe to use while taking birth control pills.  Many women on hormone replacement still combat a degree of vaginal dryness, and they too can use Creme de la Femme for some extra, soothing relief. 

Can Creme de la Femme be used with condoms?

Creme de la Femme can be safely used with polyurethane condoms. It is not recommended for use with latex condoms because the oils in the lubricant can deteriorate the latex.