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Creme de la Femme Vaginal Moisturizer
Vaginal Dryness Relief Testimonials

"This moisturizer is so fantastic! It never irritates me. I use it frequently and my husband heartily endorses it, too!"

"Here at our pharmacy we’ve carried Creme de la Femme for years with high customer appreciation. We recommend it and will continue to do so because it really works!"

"As a physician I can attest to the fact that Creme de la Femme is sensually superb and aesthetically superior."

"The box promises silky-smooth moisture and that’s exactly what Creme de la Femme gives me. I use every day after my shower, because I believe in taking the best care I can of myself, in every way."

"In treating patients with endometriosis, I fully appreciate the need for a highly protective, comfortable lubricant. For these women, I advocate Creme de la Femme."

"Creme de la Femme is fantastic! It never burns the way so many other lubricants do. It feels totally natural. Sex is wonderful again."

"I recommend Creme de la Femme to many patients and am consistently pleased with the response. I use it for women with atrophic vaginitis, dyspareunia and menopausal syndrome."

"Once women use Creme, they insist upon it, and will accept nothing else of its kind from the pharmacy shelf."

"Thank you! After the birth of my first child…it certainly helped relieve dryness. My husband and I have not found anything else like it."

"Initially, my gynecologist gave me a sample and encouraged me to try it. From the first application, I knew that Creme de la Femme was exceptional. It didn’t run like others lubricants do. It never feels sticky. Really, you don’t even realize it’s there until you need it and then what a difference it makes!"

"This stuff is super! Send me more ASAP."

"Creme de la Femme is a miracle for patients of virtually any age. It works very well for dryness due to oral contraceptives. It’s equally effective in soothing dryness due to peri- and post-menopause. Congratulations on your product!"

"I’ve found that Creme de la Femme is extremely effective for my menopausal patients who have previously suffered urinary tract infections associated with sexual intercourse."

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Creme de la Femme Vaginal Cream


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